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STUDIES And EXPERIENCES WITH PYRAMIDS  BY  PROFESSIONS. Experience with electrical charge: The experience of electrical unloading that happened to the scientist Werner to him Von Siemens, the one that outside creative of the German company that takes its name. In 1.859, it was installing a telegraphic laying by Egypt, was happened to raise to him the top of a pyramid like feat. After the hardships and stumbling blocks to win (one of them was that a sand cloud rose and means blinded to him) it arrived at the top of the pyramid. Once installed in the peak and thinking that it had made a feat, it was happened to raise an arm to him with the extended hand (a finger also) in signal of triumph or victory. Right away, it felt a strong cosquilleo that crossed its finger to him, its hand, its arm, and all his body, we suppose that one unloaded by the feet. They say that at the same time it listened to chasquido. The phenomenon compared with an electrical shock to which he was in favor customary of his profession and practical work, this called the attention to him and decided to repeat it controladamente. By its knowledge the bottle of Leyden knew of the called effect «». It located a wine bottle provided with a metal neck, surrounded it in wet paper. It raised the top of the pyramid again and placed the bottle over his head. Right away to make this it verified that the bottle was loaded of static electricity. Soon, with precaution it caused that the load jumped one sparks when touching it (era of static electricity? or it seemed it). Experience to conserve and to dissect: This was what Antoine Bovis observed the French blacksmith to him (was a great fan to the Radiestesia). In a trip that made to Egypt in first half of century XX and visiting the Great Pyramid, one was that when journeying by the galleries or corridors, in these there were rest of died animals, mice, cats and others, all of them disturbed, this caused that badly existed a scent in these corridors. When arriving at the Camera of the King of the Great Pyramid it could observe that in some of their proximities and within her were animal corpses like which had seen by the corridors, but these of now presented/displayed a momificación state and they did not smell. As Bovis were made an impression, it tried to discover the cause of this mystery. Whichever other people happened that way and to no it was happened to him to make the experiment, touched him. Once returned from its trip and being in its house, in Nize, its native city, ordered to a carpenter who did a pyramid to him on scale in relation to the measures of the Great Pyramid. When it had it in his house placed it in the garden, it oriented South North direction, placed a dead cat inside. Spent seven days it went to see that it had happened, was that the cat was momificado, it did not smell bad and it seemed dehydrated. As good investigator although outside become fond of, made other experiments with others and different animals, in addition to with meat, eggs and others. In all the cases he happened the same, he did not exist decomposition of the matter since these bodies and foods were dried until being momificados. Experience with steel blades: As at that time the works were published that Bovis was making, to a Czech citizen, call Karl Drbal seemed to him that this was not possible nor serious, began to work with the pyramid with the purpose of discrediting the Bovis French, which happened to him is that it saw that this really happened with foods and the flowers that it put in the pyramid that had constructed. Also it proved to place a blade to shave to see that it happened (they tell that this was that it tried to crack a joke to him to a friend) and was that the used blade recovered its cut, these blades could be used more than 200 times. Dice this facet for the steel, wanted to patent it in its country and it cost about ten years to him in obtaining it. Karl Drbal gets to say that its cavity is resonant due to original cosmic microwaves of the Sun mainly, and with convergent aid of the Earth magnetic field it is reason why the phenomenon of steel occurs, is by microcrystalline regeneration of the edge of the blade. Experiences of Max Toth with pyramids: This North American of Hungarian origin bought to Drbal the patent for his world-wide distribution and achieved a great success. But he was further on and he continued experimenting, because he was convinced that the pyramid could help the people to maintain a level positive of energies, besides to obtain other many advantages. He comments of the regenerative power of the energy of the pyramid on the spiritual energies of the human being. Experiences of Pretty Goodman: She, with the obtained knowledge of her experiences, affirms that from the peak of small pyramids energy rays are emitted.
Experience of the airline company «Swiss Air»: In one of its flights, when an airplane flew over over the Great Pyramid of Egypt, they observed that this airplane lost the control, because the controls and controls did not obey as it came being normal. The pilots could not explain the cause except of which over the pyramid there was something disturbed the controls. As of that moment it was ordered not to fly on the Great Pyramid and the route changed.
Other commentaries of our time:
  1. Turenne, engineer and professor of radio it says: All the piramidales forms combine a series of different frequencies, that act like emitters of cosmic energy. We added that in addition to emitters they are also receiving, in previous pages we explained so that this can be given.
The Engineer Henry Copin (of the military service of transmissions of France) speaks of the possible existence of standing waves in the alive cells, He supposes that all alive cell is a resonador of microwaves and explains the mechanism of excitation of the cellular cavity to be surrounded by walls constituted by dielectric or semiconducting material. Of the scientific recognitions a more revolutionary has been to settle down that the Nature has constituted electronicses in all the organisms. The electron flow in the electronic currents that circulate throughout our chains of transports, is the essence of the life. The energy is life, the life is energy. It is not necessary to forget that between the nucleus of a cell and its membrane, a difference of electrical potential exists, either, that mitocondrias is small electrical power stations and that exist the current ATP. Mario Gil Sánchez
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