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Physical Acupresor «Loqi» – Power and Inhibiting desbloqueador of the pain.

The pain and the disease can appear by diverse causes, one of them is the derived one by the alteration of the Energy (Bio-energy). The human body has channels called Dazzling in Chinese Acupuncture by which the energy runs that maintains to us alive. This is known on the part of Eastern from very old and by investigators western more recently, also, ratified by different apparatuses from vanguard that can measure these currents as they are, detector AMI of the Dr, Motoyama, and the apparatus of Voll, are others more. That the human Body is crossed by energies or is known westernly, in addition to the traditional Chinese medicine, or is accepted by different medical disciplines and are many the Medical allopathists of vanguard who publish books on the matter. DESCRIPTION OF THE NAME OF THE ACUPRESOR «LOQI» “LO” = neutral Article “QI » = Chinese Denomination in – Japanese of the Bioenergía “LOQI” = Neutralizador of the energy suspended or blocked producing of the pain. “Technical LOQIPUNTURA” = of application of the “LOQI” or Discontinuous Cutaneous Stimulation.
BY:  MARIO GIL SANCHEZ (THIS HAS BEEN THE BASE OR FUNDAMENTAL STONE FROM WHERE EVERYTHING HAS PROJECTED WHAT IT HAS COME LATER). In year 1,990 I begin to have problems of pains by different parts from the body: head and right zone of the face with bony expansion, cervical with creation of osteofitos in two vertebrae (according to made x-ray), trapezes, shoulders, right arm (elbow, wrist and hand), right leg (it rolls, binoculars) with binding by the nights in the bed, with involuntary and uncontrolled movements of this leg. Also, I have suffered hypersensitivity to the scents, null and voidable colon, upheavals of the dream, fatigue, reumatoide arthritis, digestive problems, pains in the chest. For a long time all the pains and upheavals derived from these pathologies have been sending until disappearing completely (only have left something derived I from reumatoide arthritis). I begin a long-haul looking for solution these problems, I visit different professionals: allopathists, specialists, traumatólogos, reumatólogos, fisioterapeutas, even going by urgencies when the picture worsens too much to Centers of Health as he is the one of Camarena (Toledo), to Hospitals as they are: the Twelve of October, Ntra Clinic. Mrs. of America. This happens throughout three years. Also I resort to professionals of alternative therapies like: several masajistas, acupuntor, digitopuntor, auriculopuntor, naturista doctor and even sanadores; then that my problem is originated by the power stagnation, and this, in many occasions can be unblocked by imposition of hands by some determined person, not having no “mystery” (that yes Science) as it comes giving to him traditionally by people who do not inquire. I am expert of which there is possibility of finding solution this way also. I resort to acquire more books of those than already I have on these subjects, I buy diverse types of aparatología to continue trying to find the solution in electromagnetoterápia, electronipuntura, lamp of infrared, imanterapia, microelectrical stimulation, diverse types of apparatuses of massages, dietetic products and medicinal plants. In all this to peregrinate only encounter light improvements and where more? When they apply to the Digitopuntura and the Presopuntura to me. I want to point out that I until this date (my age was in the 45 years), she had been a person with few suffered diseases and no operation. By theoretical knowledge – practitioner of the Philosophy and Chinese Medicine and East in general (and everything what I have already mentioned). I give by accepted the principle of which the human body besides to cross the sanguineous system to him (that not always was accepted by the medicine in use. Now it is happening the same with the Bioelectromagnéticos systems of the human body, are about to to be discovered in the present Medicine, that not as much by the Physics and still more by the Quantum one), the lymphatic system, the electrical impulses of the nervous system. They are the Power systems, first of them to find is the system of the Meridians that crosses all the body by different channels energizando until the last cell. This system has the circuits or defined channels affluent in Chinese Medicine. We know that everything needs energy to live. The own generating cells have his mitocondrias of energy But the cell only obtains the energy that needs for all its functions the combustion oxygen and the metabolism the nutrients foods. Can have another form considered by the Nature to grant energy to him to the cells and it has still not been detected by Science nor by the Medicine and that it complements or discovered. I recommend to read the book of the Publishing house ROBIN BOOK “the POWER TREATMENT” subtitled – the revolutionary vibracional medicine – the medicine of century XXI. Writing by Doctor Richard Gerber (licensed in Medicine by the Wayne State University School of Medicine of Dotroit), in whom it also exposes the model and theory of the Dr.Tiller – Einstein, whom negative time describes to these energies like magnetoeléctricas currents of the space/and which they go faster than the light, this allows us to form a new and deeper idea to us of that physical interface – power, as well as of the relations matter – energy in general. With these “tools” and seeing as the visited professionals applied on my the Digitopuntura and the Presopuntura, techniques these that are applied with the fingers exerting pressure and massage on the points of acupuncture denominated “Tsubo”, which they are the points where the Acupuntores place the needles when they make a treatment. With this baggage and principles, knowing that my problems are caused by power blockades, design and I make a prototype from which soon “PHYSICAL ACUPRESOR LOQI” would come to be called, to which later the one of “POWER AND INHIBITING DESBLOQUEADOR OF the PAIN” by the effectiveness demonstrated in the applications against the Pain would be added to him. A process of tests with different materials is opened and to be introducing modifications of design, that soon professional with their applications are going to us to confirm what we already knew and they are going to discover other qualities to us. From the prototype duplicates remove to which to him they are become modifications in his length and morphology; as we are applying we obtain it practice and experience, observing that with these two ingredients works better, and in addition, with running of the time some professionals confirm us to who we consulted like the Biological Medicine Dr D. Julian Perez Gutiérrez, specialist in Radiestésia, Geobiología and Master in Reiki, President of DECOYIN (Medicine Association Naturista, Biológica and Bioenergética). Also, specialistic Doctor D. Fco.  Javier Merino of the Source, President of the Spanish Society of Aurículo – Medicine and Vice-president of the Scientific Institute Multidisciplinar Jovellanos (of both cases we contributed these information).    
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