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Throughout the Computerised Bioelectrography method.

        Record: From old times the energetic effect of the geometric pyramidal shape upon living beings has been known. Powerful civilisations such as the Egyptian, the Aztec and the Maya ones have built big buildings on the basis of this geometry. In this century the properties of the pyramidal shape have been studied by researchers of several countries from very different points of view. Two of the most known effects are those of the mummifying of that organic matter deposited within the pyramids; as well as the sharpening of metal knives as well deposited within them. This means the pyramid condenses a determined electromagnetic field which is associated to the ground as well as a non-defined kind of energy proceeding from the space likely related to that what the Chinese culture calls Chi or what the  Hindu one calls Prana. Studies about this energy there have been in the West, such as those of the famous Austrian psychiatric Wilheim Reich, who was one of Freud’s pupils and creator of the Orgonic Energy Theory, which he succeeded in measure and storage. Nowadays there are clinics and institutions which works with the pyramidal energy as a method to heal sicknesses such as cancer. One of them is the Institute for Human Improvement in Texas (U.S.A.). Methodology of the present study: The present investigation has been made by studying the effect of a sort of pyramid upon the bioelectrical field, so called “aura” of the human being. The model of the studied pyramid is the BIOENERGETIC ACUPYRAMID, developed by Gil Sánchez brothers. The mentioned pyramid differs from the conventional ones in its sizes and in the fact that it has an antenna placed on its vertex, known as ACUPRESSOR. This consists of an steel bar with a determined geometrical shape which, by means of an electromagnetic treatment, turns into a captor of a certain kind of form-wave. This form-wave, due to the geometry and the material the pyramid in made of, is stored within it, so the person placed in the inner of the pyramid takes advantage from its effects. The purpose of the present study is to make recordable and measurable the subjective feeling of the “beneficent effect” received by every people who have been exposed to the energy of the pyramid. The method to measure the effect is the computerised bioelectrography, created by Konstantin Korotkov ( Russian professor of physics in Saint Petersburg University). It consists of a improvement of the Kirlian camera which allows to take photos of the human aura. With this system the images are processed by a computer where they can be seen in real time. Afterwards they are once more processed by modern computers programs which allows an energetic diagnose of the different parts of the body. Therefore we will use a Kirlian effect digital video-camera (VIDEK GDV) developed by Kirlionics Technology International. The method consists of measuring the bioelectrical field of the person; them he/she will be introduced in the BIOENERGETIC ACUPYRAMID for ten minutes and make a new measuring to compare between the differences. Study: The previous study has been made on four adult persons and the following results have been got:
«WHEN THE RESUTS OF A TEST ARE IN OPPOSITION WITH THE RULING THEORIES, WE WILL HAVE TO  ACCEPT THE FACS AND NOT THEM THEORIES.  Claude Bernard. Through these pages, I want to show which is interesed in these subjects (ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES, MEDITATION, BIOENERGY, GEOBIOLOGY, FENG-SHUI, ABSTRACT WAVES, ETC.), the studies and experiments made by us and specialists with Acupresor «LOQI», with «ACUPYRAMIDE BIONERGETIQUE», with «PENTA», and the others. The benefits obtained in the human beings and their surroundings. Once you have seen all the information that attached, and if you are interesed in these subjects.  
Case 1 Male, A.G. The main problem he shows is a high degree of stress. Areas of the body with a very low level of energy: head, spinal column (specially the cervical), right ear; left side of the heart and lymphatic system. Areas overloaded: urogenital system and lunges.  
After the treatment the most part of the organs without energy start recovering, as well as he whole bioenergetic body.  In this case and other cases alike the energy of the pyramid originates an energetic change similar to the “Kundalini effect”: canalise the energy of the urogenital energy  and increase it in the whole head and spine column. The increase in the bioelectrical field area, which can be an measure of the increase in the energy level, constitutes 56%. This is a really high value considering the time of the therapy: just 10 minutes.
Case 2: Female, R.M. The energy state is more stable than the previous one, but there is an irregular level of energy with an excess of it in the lunges, urogenital system and throat. While there is a shortage of it in the abdomen, liver and small intestine. Strong emotions of sadness and frustration can be remarked. After the treatment the overload get weaker and a general increase of energy takes place, specially in the organs lacking of it. There is an increase of energy of 7%, since in this case the original level of energy was acceptable, though a general balance of the aura is remarkable, specially between both sides of the body, as well as in the emotional areas. Case 3: Male, J.E. Very irregular energy overloading the large intestine, lunges and throat. Low level of energy in the head. Acute state of anxiety and generalised nervousness. After the treatment there is a remarkable increase of the energy with a better distribution throughout the different areas. Specially remarkable is the increase in the head and the spine column, as in case 1. The general increase of energy is 17%. Case 4: Male, C.G. Low energy in the physical level. Unstable and irregular. Insufficient in the heart, liver, kidneys and spleen. Acute unbalance between feeling and action, for the energy is upset on the left side of the body. There is an improvement in the spine column and the head. Although the breaches are not solved, as in the previous cases, the increase of energy is very high: 57%. Which indicates an increase in the vitality of the person. It is remarkable as well that the symmetry between both sides of the body increases 12%, which is a very high percentage. The energy on the right side increases remarkably, so it compensates the energy on the left side.
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